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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Global Peace Initiative

Releaf effort by DR K A Paul and Carl Linder in south Asia-Global Peace Initiative

Dr.K.A.Paul helping the tsunami victims in different places

The Quran Burning stopped by world's most popular evangelist "Dr.K.A.Paul"

Pastor Terry Jones and preacher Dr KA Paul have given a New York imam a two-hour deadline to clarify whether he has agreed to hold talks on moving a planned Islamic cultural centre away from Ground Zero.
Mr Jones planned to stage an International Burn a Koran Day on Saturday, the anniversary of the 9/11, saying the book was "evil".
On Thursday, he said he was calling off the protest after the group behind a controversial Islamic cultural centre due to be built near Ground Zero agreed to relocate it.
But Mr Jones and Mr Paul have now called on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to contact them to "make things crystal clear".
The proposed Koran burning prompted an angry reaction from Muslim countries around the world and was heavily criticised by world leaders.