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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dr.K.A.Paul: Dr.K.A.Paul.

Dr.K.A.Paul: Dr.K.A.Paul.: "The founder of global ..."


The  founder of global peace initiative (GPI)  Dr.K.A.Paul. He was born into a traditional hindu family in India in 1963. His compassion and intrest in serving people led him to pursue a career in business and politics. He soon realized, however, that the existing business, social and political infrastructures in developing countries were so overwhelmed with pressing needs that they were simply incapable of quickly affecting real change. It became obvious to him that a radical new approach was needed.
Five years after initiating an effort to rescue street children on his own, Dr.Paul met mother Teresa. Through her he realized the unlimited potential of just one committed individual to change lives, social justice.
The number of people who personally hear Dr.Paul’s simple-yet radical message of service to one’s neighbor has grown to more than 10,000,000 anually- an audience of historic proportions